#30 - The Force Awakens (Amongst Other Things)

A couple days ago, in a studio far, far away (if you're walking there)...


It's the moment Jon has waited for his whole life, and the moment that Nathan has kinda, sorta looked forward to for about a month=ish...Star Wars: The Force Awakens is upon us!! The Dorky Duo spend a whole lot of time talking about it in What Chu Been Up To.

In We Read Yo' Shit, the guys read a message from a listener thanking them for their support of the LGBT community. They also offer their support directly to that listener as he continues the difficult process of coming out to his family and friends. Be strong, Dick Amore!!

It's a Christmas edition of GAME TIME as Nathan leads Jon on an international Journey of Holiday trivia, as he challenges him to a round of Weird Christmas Facts!

In the news this week: It's an Internet Christmas Miracle! Hermione From the Hood!! Miss Universe 2015 Has One Hell of a Viral Marketing Campaign!!!

#GoodHangFavThing this week is favorite bad Christmas song!! 

So take a break from rewatching Force Awakens [we're lookin' at you, Jon], and have a listen to the Big 3-0. It's Good Hang Episode 30!!!