#4 - Every Elevator Explodes

It's long, it's meaty, and it's tons of fun - no, not that! Get your mind out of the gutter. ...it's episode four of Good Hang!

New segment!!! We respond to fan reviews, questions, comments, and requests. Kaye exposes Jon and Nathan as the accent experts that they truly are. Gelo asks them to weigh in on the great Tay Tay vs Madonna debate of 2015 (Spoiler alert, Lady Gaga wins)

Nathan has been getting fake-beaten up in a very real way. Jon has been rediscovering the joy of visiting fmylife.com. 

In the news this week: Will Donald Trump become the president with the worst hair ever? Will the Confederate flag always fly over South Carolina?? Will China accept 3D printed rhino horns???

Then the guys talk a bunch about E3. Conclusion: They're both huge nerds. 

In Favorite Thing, Jon and Nathan's discuss their favorite podcasts, which you should check out after (and ONLY after) you listen to Good Hang.

In Check This Shit Out, the guys go full on ANIME! Kawaii-desu! (but not). For next week, Nathan tells Jon to go chug some oil and Jon tells Nathan to check out some singing and dancing blondes. Not sure who has it worse.

All that and more, so go forth and listen to the fourth episode of Good Hang!!


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