#5 - Acceptance is Never Out of Style

Gays can get married AND there a new episode of Good Hang?!? What a time to be alive. High five for Episode Five of Good Hang!

The guys read some really nice fan responses. And, though no one asked for it, they play the accent game again!! 

Nathan's been extra, super busy this week filming and singing at people's weddings. Jon's been getting his Namaste on doing some yoga, and getting his 'yes and' on with some improv.

In the news this week: Rainbows are taking over Facebook! Spider-man swings himself back to where he belongs!! JK Rowling makes Potter fans the world over weep with her latest announcement!!!

Jon and Nathan go loco for queso as they talk about their Favorite Cheese. 

Nathan's got some splainin' to do in this week's Dude Check This Out. 

All that and more in Episode Five of Good Hang!!


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