#15 - Dee Kosh

We've got our second guest! Youtuber! Ranter! Host! DJ! Chocolate Thunder! It's the one and only Dee Kosh. 

We get into it with Dee, though because it's us, there isn't really any straightforward interview here. 

The show opens with embarrassing poop stories, and pretty much goes downhill (as in, exhilaratingly fun) from there. 

We get into GAME TIME with Dee Kosh against Nathan for a movie title themed game. Nathan made bad decisions.

In the news this week: don't be a dick to MMA fighters. Don't pay a stranger for sex at 87 years old. And fire tornados?!

We get into a second round of GAME TIME with "What Can't Dee Complain About". 

This week's Favorite Thing: Bad Movies.

Come hang.