#40 - Trump is Crazier Than Japan, Man.

It's time to buy a convertible and get a mistress, because Good Hang has hit the Bit 4-0!

Nathan's been galavanting all over Japan while Jon's been knocking things off his bucket list. Find out all about it in this week's What Chu Been Up To?!

For Saint Patrick's Day, the guys are showing their love for the Irish in GAME TIME with a round of the Rotten Potatoes Game!

In the News this week: Enough is Enough, Drumpf! Chinese TV's are Rendered Useless!! Not Even Dreams Can Survive An Expertly Applied Rear Naked Choke!!!

Bid farewell to Favorite Thing this week as the guys discuss their favorite things about each other!! ...better bring some tissues.

So go ahead and take a shot, even if you might miss, and have a listen to Good Hang episode Forty!!